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The Up Side to Upcycle

The Up Side to Upcycle

As promise from my April Newsletter here is the steps, my husband, Mark and I followed turning two pallets into a one-of-kind planter table. The look carves out a great spot on my front porch to display my latest blooms from my garden. A place to decorate all year round.

We spent a weekend on this project. The project included two salvage free pallets, a free-hand sketch, some paint and stain we already had in the garage, cost zero, we also used a DeWalt Sawzall which made the effort and job quicker to saw off the wood slats from it's frame, then we hammered out the nails, measure twice cut once on our DeWalt Table Saw, nailed it together with a Bostitch Nail Gun, paint and a little stain. Then it was dry time. I added my signature by free-handing the cute bee. finishing it off by adding the handles for a decorative touch.

All the products I mentioned above are a must have if you're an avid DIYer. Want to see more of my DIY's check out my Instagram site and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter. I love to rework and upcycle items that have seen better days its great therapy. So get out and get inspired its good for your soul. Have a DIY project you would like to share? Leave me a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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