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Unplug To Reset In The New Year

Reset for the NEW Year

As we rush to the New Year with our list of resolutions in hand we are optimistic. My past year seems as if I were in a race to the finish line to accomplish everything that was on my list only to fall short. Some of this we bring on ourselves, some are put there by outside influences.

There are many resources out there to fill you in on how to, organize your list of to do's, how to start, where to go, what to buy, how to declutter, etc, and before you know it your heads in a fog again. So this year I will not make the list of twenty things for a spectacular New Year.

What I have planned is unplugging and resetting my social media accounts with that wonderful saying less is more, something I was spending an exhausting amount of time on. Letting go, of the three hundred emails that come in every day. limiting my social events. Stop comparing myself with someone's numbers. All to clear away the daily intrusions and to reset mind and body from daily stress and be open to new creative possibilities in 2017.

All holding to the simple life and yes! less is more. The reality of the world expectation is unrealistic at best and in my opinion, not something you should hold yourself to. You need to be in the driver seat. How we do this is a complete reset of our obligations and be mindful of what makes us happy, brings us peace and joy to our lives. Our lives or meant to be lived not wasted an unrealistic set of goals set by someone else.

And with all that said, I am finding Pinterest and Instagram to share all the fabulous ideas and products. It's crazy simple and easy that's my tip of the day.

Here's to a Safe and Mindful New Year!

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