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5 Great Reasons to Gift My Books

Great Reasons to Gift My Books

Giving a child books for the Holiday Season encourages a life of imagination and possibilities. In this Holiday Season, your families traditions and time bonding with your children can keep your child's memories for years to come. Giving my books as gifts to your child or a child in need always makes your Christmas brighter.

1. I know a thing or two about making children laugh. We could use more laughter in our homes.

2. All of my books have been put through a focus group of the best people I know...children. Who better to know what children like then children.

3. Keeping it silly, fun and short makes it possible for Mom and Dad to read just before bedtime every night and still have time for their to-do list or Coco by the fire.

4. My books give you 2-for-1 if you buy the book you get the Kindle Edition free. Great for road trips to gamma's

5. I am all about saving busy parents time and effort. To order my books on Amazon one Click Ordering and you're done. What could be easier?

Give A Gift Of My Books!

This Holiday Season classrooms everywhere could use new books so we encourage you to donate a book to one of your teacher's classrooms and spread the joy of the season.

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