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It's Adventures In, A Day In My Life

It's Adventures in, A Day in the Life of a Writer.

But first Coffee!

OK, we can start now.

First things first it's really early. I wake my teen son the sleeping giant who looks so sweet in peaceful in the bed. He is not a morning person. Then I turn on the TV so loud my neighbors can hear it because I rather not have to shout Get Up! Get Up! Next get my elderly dog fed and off the deck because she will have to go Wee! Wee! We get the sleeping giant showered, fed and bag in hand and it's off to school.

While dad's dropping off, I continue where I left off yesterday with the never ending laundry, diabolical..... how many people live in my house? Now it's time to check on my dog, more coffee and make everyone's bed before my husband gets back. If the beds are not made it throws off the balance of my universe. I think this has something to do with my mother. Next, pick up towels, dishes, and more laundry. This all happens around 7:40 am.

I will answer the 300 emails that came in while I was sleeping, 290 are junk mail...Yey! Check my to-do list, laundry, more coffee, start a post, and other writing projects. This is about the time the rest of the world is by a phone, so I will return calls, answer messages, check my website and social media accounts 2 out of the 10 have developed a tick that I will spend 2 hours with tech support to make it all right again.....Tech support loves me, our conversation is life changing, for me anyway.

Once the morning task is at least in progress, I can fold laundry, staring into the refrigerator for 30 minutes until I decide on cereal or yogurt, check my courtyard garden my plant babies are usually thirsty. I will devote the rest of my day on writing, illustrating, and stocking literary Agents to send the next round of query letters because that's what I do.

Late afternoon time to pick up my son, do some errands. Star into the refrigerator until my husband takes matters into his own hands so we don't starve. Do some lite reading, if it's a technical book it will put me to sleep in ten minutes. I save those for bedtime. I sometimes read for leisure, right now I am reading a book by Russ Hall, Bent Red Moon to my husband at night because he likes westerns. My teen is so over me reading to him.

Somewhere between 10 and whenever we call it a day and that's a day in the life of this writer.

PS: Send Coffee Please!

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