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The Up Side to Thrift and DIY

It's truly inspiring when you run across a great fine. I love diving into antique stores and thrift shops every chance I get. The thrill of the hunt for my next big project is always in the back of my mind. My dining room has always been missing one item, and that was a statement piece chandelier to hang over my dining room table. You know, the one item that says I belong here this is my home. It's taken me a few years but last month I was thrift store diving again, at a little place locally called Witt's End and I looked up to see this rusty old tall ship. It looked like it had been left outside and the bandit. It called to me it said take me home and I did, with a little elbow grease and some of my husband's mad shop skills we managed to put her back together again. The tall ship was cleaned, wired for lights and polyurethane. We went online on Ebay to get the crystals and now she sails over my dining room table. It's always a lot of fun to find that next piece that makes your home yours. What used to hang above my table was a commercial builder quality sad attempt of a light fixture. Every time I look in my dining room now it just makes me smile. There are treasures waiting to be found and giving a new purpose. The hunt is always great fun, and sometimes the stories from the shopkeeper of where the item came from are more interesting than the item. It's a great way to spend a weekend or two. So get out there the hunt is on make it beautiful and make it yours and have fun in the hunt.

  • I purchase the tall ship at Whitt's End for $39.00.

  • I found vintage chandelier crystals on Ebay for $39.00

  • Wired the ship for two candle lights for $27.00

  • Bring the total cost of the project to $105.00

Whitt's End of Curiosities

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