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Keeping the Tradition of Bedtime Stories

Time today can feel like it's rushing by and while we make adjustments every day to meet the daily demands of our world, some very important moments are pushed aside. Our family Holidays are shortening, time outside has shortened, our nights at the dinner table has shortened. Yes, we need to embrace our future without losing the passion and dreams of the world we want our families to live in.

We have to make the effort when we feel completely exhausted and hold tight to keep our family traditions alive and well. Let us hold on to our traditions that brings out the best and make new ones that keep our family on the path to a better future.

Today's technology is alive and well and it has helped us do multiple tasks but it will never replace the bond that develops with a parent and child when reading a bedtime story. Bedtime stories before bed are key to developing a child's love of reading and imaginations that enhance critical thinking. The traditional bedtime stories have become a thing of the past. New technology where your little ones can look at an iPad and it reads the stories to them has replaced the bedtime stories. This will never gift your child with the ability to sit still and let their imagination run wild, the writer's power of words and the ever safe cozy one-on-one time with your child's favorite person in the world, their parents.

We have to find ways to keep family traditions that make us amazing. If there is one gift you could give your child that would shape their future for a lifetime, it would be the gift of reading to your child every night a bedtime story.

Share your child's favorite bedtime stories and your families routine that helps your children before bed.

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