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Ten Great Tips For Teachers

If you're a parent or a teacher you know that teaching a child is a big deal. So when you come across a great idea that works you want to share it with the world. Here are ten great tips to get your class off to a great start.

1. Set up your classroom into pairs.

2. Give it a week to see who works well together and make adjustments.

3. Goals Setting and the step to meet the goals.

4. Goals Board Posted in full view:

  • Class Work

  • Home Work

  • Teacher Helpers Work

5. Student planner checks ten minutes before the bell to leave.

6. Let students help with teaching.

7. Let Students help with a small task you need to be done, for extra credit or rewards.

8. Anonymous Jar for whatever.

9. Get them moving, be creative chalk out a lesson on the floor or make them write their notes with text and images.

10. Be the Amazing teacher you are and share what works for you with other teachers.

Have more great tips? Share them with us in comments.: )

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