• Sommer Hamilton

Traveling with the Circus

At least that's now my husband feels anytime we go on vacation as a family. He uses to travel for business with a small carry-on bag and a laptop it was easy just walk up check in and away he went. When we travel as a family is not quite as simple. First there is the list that looks like something Santa has to check then there is my three suite cases, one of the three is just for my shoes, your children will need at least two, one just for their games, laptop, ipads etc, and usually if we are travel with our children we are traveling by car with trailer in tow, much like a circus I guess. We do this not only to keep the balance of the very unforgiving transportation system on schedule and my family out of the news. Let's us not overlook the feelings that keep our untamable peaceful, that includes a large ice chest of everyone's favorites. The ringmaster "my husband" like to keep everything on a strict schedule. That schedule has two bathroom breaks for the entire trip. I am the juggler that tries to keeps all the ball in the air, but no matter how well you prepare there will always be the time you will have to improvise. Do you travel with your own circus? Head over to my Pinterest site for tips and tricks to keep your Circus happy and on the road to your vacation. Want to share your on own circus story email or leave me a comment.

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