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CARNIVAL LIBERTY: The family fun ship

Let's just start by saying vacations are important. It's important to unwind and be mindful of being in the moment. Our fast pace lives catches up with us if we don't take the time necessary to unplug.

I was asked to blog my family vacation by groups and families who are planning future vacations or group events who have reservations about cruising. Once and for all I decided to book a family cruise and determine the highs, low and safety factors of open sea cruising. I wanted to give everyone a sneak peek of what to expect. I was up for the challenge and I did not take it lightly. I did my research! So get out your pens and get ready for the 411! on board the cruise ship Liberty one of the 24 ships in the Carnival fleet with at least two more being added to the fleet in the next 3 years. Carnival Vista will debut in the spring of 2016 and the 2nd Vista class ship is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

Ship Spec - Carnival Liberty

Cruises To: Caribbean Departs From Galveston, TX Cruise Length: 2 - 5 Days, 6 - 9 Days

  • 110,000GROSS TONNAGE




Ship Safety and Security- Carnival Liberty

  • All Carnival officers and crew undergo comprehensive regular safety and emergency training that meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements.

  • Our crew members undergo specific training to handle emergency situations and help our guests. Crew roles, responsibilities, and duties are clearly defined and assigned to handle any emergency on board.

  • The average seafarer experience of our captains is 32.6 years (23.6 years with Carnival Cruise Lines and nine years prior to joining us).

  • All Carnival ships are designed and operated in compliance with strict requirements of international law, which ensure that they are able to remain safe under a variety of adverse conditions.

  • All of our ships are equipped with the most advanced navigation technology, and our officers are expertly trained in its use. As part of our comprehensive bridge team management system, we always have multiple people on the bridge watch.

  • Carnival ship undergoes an inspection as mandated by the U.S. Coast Guard every 3-6 months, which verifies safety processes and procedures. In addition, a third-party organization conducts annual inspections of the ship and our safety processes.

Ship Team- Carnival Liberty

Captain: Giuseppe Giusa, Ship Director: Lars Juel, Chief Engineer: Piertro Meoli, Cruise Director: Frankie, Guest Services Manager Thelma Moreki

On this trip my family consists of myself, Children's Author Sommer Hamilton and LifeStyle Blogger, my husband Mark Hamilton musician, my teenager William Hamilton, My oldest son Meredith Hamilton who is a Head Football Couch and Athlete Director and his girlfriend Magan Nortan a Systems Engineering from University Park, Pennsylvania.

This is a family that knows a little something about being plug-in and constantly on the go. We have been on vacations before going different directions and seeing each other occasionally. Cruising was a completely different experience. Instead of our typical fast pace way of life we were able to slow down and enjoy each moment as a family. Don't get me wrong! there are many activities aboard the ship that spans from morning to late night. If you want world-class comedians, musicians, dancers and actors, you will not be disappointed in Carnival's entertainment line up. Every morning the Carnival Liberty Fun Times Newsletter will be provided to you in your stateroom each morning.

My families favorite things to do were dining out, High Seas Karaoke, Bingo, Casino and Comedy Club. My teenager enjoys life at sea at Circle "C" (Teen Club). There is something for everyone! The only time we were in our room was to sleep (I absolutely loved the bed linens) and dress for the next activities. Morning coffee in your stateroom or suite watching the water as you float alone is a must, Simply complete the door hanger menu and hang it outside your stateroom by 5:am. Make it a point to see the sunrise at sea, the sunrise and sunset time is printed on your Carnival Liberty Newsletter, top right front page. Just a few more tips I found valuable.

  • If you want to know where you are at sea at any giving time check your in-room TV Information Channel.

  • Buy your pictures the day of, are you will have to look through hundreds.

  • You want your suitcases to have a ribbon that stands out to locate them when you're returning home.

  • Know your ships layout, some elevators only serve certain floors at certain times.

  • Map out Guest Service and how to get there.

  • Yes to formal dining it's worth it.

  • The ship's crew are wonderful and work so hard, so be nice! Please, and Thank You!

Would I recommend a Carnival Liberty Cruise for your family or group, Absolutely!

I found the safety factor minister by the crew members to be second to none. Safety drills which were mandatory for all cruise guests to attend took any guess work out of knowing exactly what to do and where to be in an unforeseen situation.

Seas the day and set sail with Carnival Liberty!


Sommer Hamilton


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